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材料:藏紅花、紅景天、當歸、沉香、紅白檀香、訶子、肉桂、乳香、冰片等二十五種天然藥材功效:          1)點燃:安神、解除疲勞、殺菌、淨化空氣          2)沖泡:安神、改善睡眠、增強免疫力、改善婦科疾病、袪濕等           (注意:孕婦不能使用)產地:雲南迪慶藏族自治州飛來寺曼扎亞藏香廠規格:每盒15支,每支長度22 cm燃燒時間:每支約1小時包裝:密封,不同顏色的盒都是同一款藏香 Ingredients : red sandalwood, white sandalwood, cardamom, aloeswood, saffron, rhodiola, fragrant savin, angelica, cinnamon, lilac and 15 local Meili Xueshan herbsEfficacy :Burning: Lide clearing out heavy thoughts, opening the mind and allowing for peaceful contemplation. Drinking: better sleep, and balances out the five elements with particular efficacy.(Not use during pregnancy)Place of production: Yunnan, ChinaSpecification : approximately 18 sticks; Long incense approx : 24cm Burning time: approximately 1 hour Same contents with different coloured boxes (same type of Manzhaya Incense)

曼扎亞傳統藏香 Manzhaya Tibetan Temple Incense

  • 曼扎亞傳統藏香是由設孜 · 丹增群佩活佛根據藏醫藥學理論,汲取歷代藏香配方,再而研制出獨特的曼扎亞藏香配方,所選用的原料有紅白檀香、豆蔻、沉香、香柏等二十五種優質天然的藏香原材料,按極其嚴格的傳統工藝精制而成。





  • About Lide Manzhaya Incense 

     It is a time honored tradition in Tibet. Incense is referenced in the Budhhist sutras and in the Tibetan book of medicine Si Da Yi Dian, with detailed notes on early methods of production and uses for incense. Ancient Tibetans had a deep understanding of herbal medicine, and burned plants specifically for their aromatherapeutic properties, and to purify the air, and clear physical and spiritual stagnation along with many other uses. People gathered every kind of precious and rare plants to blend for traditional incense preparations. Over generations of uninterrupted study and refinement, this grew into the Tibetan Incense tradition, thriving and developing alongside Buddhism.

    Lide Manzhaya was founded in 2014, and began production in 2016. It is the most modern workshop for incense production in Yunnan, devoted to continuing and refining traditional Tibetan craft, preserving ancient methods without using any chemical additives; pure, clean and natural. It is suitable both for lighting as incense and drinking as an herbal tea infusion. Lide Manzhaya uses the quality of ancient tradition and the precision of modern science to push the boundaries on the craft.


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