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Amitabha is known as the red Buddha of the west and the most ancient among the Five Dhyani Buddhas of the Vajarayana tradition. Amitabha means infinite light and he is also known as “Amitayus” or Buddha of the infinite life.

Amitabha was a king who renounced his throne to become a monk. He took the name of Dharmakara Bodhisattva and after accumulating great merit over countless lives, finally achieved enlightenment and became a Buddha. Buddha Amitabha now reigns over “Sukhavati”, the western paradise, also called “the Pure Land”.

Amitabha has red skin and dressed with monk's robes sitting in lotus position. His hands are folded and facing up in meditation mudra (samadhi) holding a bowl containing the nectar of immortality.

Amitayus is the emanation of Amitabha and he is depicted with fine clothes, jewels and a five-pointed crown.

Amitabha is symbol of comprehensive love, longevity and wisdom. He is associated with the third “skandha” of perception and the technique of visualization of the surrounding world as a paradise. Practicing tantric meditation on Amitabha is an antidote against greed and desire.

24K金 阿彌陀佛心咒唐卡 24K gold Amitabha Mantra Mandala Thangka

  • -畫芯尺寸:30 x 30 cm

    -相框:39 x 39 cm 黑胡桃木







    -Size: 30 x 30 cm

    -Frame: 39 x 39 cm Black walnut wood frame

    -Material: 24K real Gold, Cotton canvas, material color

    -Made in Nepal, 100% Handmade

    -home/office decor, or meditation purpose

    -Worldwide shipping (Free shipping - HK only)

    -Blessed by Lama

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