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  • 材料: 喜馬拉雅地區特殊藥用及珍貴香材製成
  • 產地:尼泊爾
  • 規格:每盒24支
  • 香枝長度:約7.5"
  • 重量:95克

  • Ingredients :  exclusively prepared using precious and special medicinal and herbal ingredients of the Himalayan region
  • Place of production: Nepal
  • Specification : Contains 24 sticks 
  • Size: 7.5 inch approx.
  • Weight: 95 grams approx.

藥師佛治療藏香 Medicine Buddha Healing Herbal Incense

  • 藥師」梵音意思是大醫王佛。因為能治療眾生種種疾病。人的生理上有三種病──老、病、死。心理上也有三種病──貪、瞋、癡。眾生的身心都充滿各種疾病,身體的病,有不同的中西藥物治療,心理的病,就需要法藥來調治。佛能以種種法藥善治眾生的心病。藥師佛不僅可以為眾生消除身體上的疾病;並且能醫治世人的心病。




    1. 藥師佛:身體健康 
    2. 黃財神:財富和繁榮
    3. 蓮花生大師:保護
    4. 四臂觀音:和平與同情 
    5. 綠度母:實現願望

  • Medicine Buddha Incense: Incense for good health. This incense stick is prepared from precious herbs and natural substances. It is used for offering in all kinds of rituals and particularly for propitiation of Medicine Buddha.

    This Tibetan incense is exclusively prepared using precious and special medicinal and herbal ingredients of the Himalayan region. It is highly effective against combating stress, tensio, depression and helps in achieving calm and harmony.

    It is a completely handmade product which supports the livelihood of many Nepalese artisans.


    These set contains the following incense sticks
    1. Medicine Buddha Incense for good health
    2. Zambala incense for wealth and prosperity
    3. Guru incense for protection
    4. Chenrezig incense for peace and compassion
    5. Green Tara incense for fulfilling wish

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