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  • 材料: 蓮花,天然草藥,樹脂,香料,油等
  • 產地:尼泊爾
  • 規格:每盒30支,1個香座
  • 燃燒時間:每支約1小時


  • Ingredients : White Lotus flower and other natural herbs
  • Place of production: Nepal
  • Specification : Contains 30 sticks and 1 incense holder
  • Burning time: about 1 hour each

    白蓮花藏香 Tibaten White Lotus Incense

    • 通過瑜伽訓練和冥想, 加上白蓮花香氣帶來的刺激喚醒體內的昆達利尼能量(kundalini energy, 像睡著的蛇一樣纏繞在脊柱的底部的能量, 跟氣功的"氣"有略同)。

    • Tibetan White Lotus incense from Nepal is based on an ancient recipe for stimulating Kundalini energy at the base of the spine. Lotus is traditionally used as an aid for concentration during meditation. These natural incense sticks burn well, with a powerful, sweet aroma.

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