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  • 材料: 杜鵑花,天然草藥,樹脂,香料,油等
  • 產地:尼泊爾
  • 規格:每盒30支,1個香座
  • 燃燒時間:每支約1小時


  • Ingredients :  Anthopogonand other natural herbs
  • Place of production: Nepal
  • Specification : Contains 30 sticks and 1 incense holder
  • Burning time: about 1 hour each

    杜鵑花藏香 Tibetan Flower (Anthopogon) Incense

    • 原產於喜馬拉雅山的杜鵑花,是尼泊爾的國花,被喜馬拉雅山區的百姓用來振奮精神,保持清爽香少女甜味,這些花材皆生長於西藏與尼泊爾高海拔純淨無污染的山區,在傳統藏藥學中被當作是珍貴的藥香與芳療法的原料之一。適合:對生活莫名煩躁、愛批評抱怨,能安撫內在小孩。

    • Tibetan Flower Incense Sticks are traditionally hand-rolled from natural herbs, oils and other ingredients. This exotic floral incense releases a stimulating and refreshing aroma when burnt, which is helpful for healing and aromatherapy.

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